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Abby Lee Events wants you to march to the beat of your own drum.
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Cookie-cutter doesn't cut it...make a bold statement.

Abby Lee Events is a boutique planning and design studio in Southern California that will translate your unique and unconventional vision into stunning reality. A wedding should carry your signature style and be a reflection of your collective, fun spirit as a couple. Whether you have 15 Pinterest boards full of ombre macramé wallpieces and vintage campers, or you're on the search for geeky Star Wars centerpieces, your brilliant charm is found in all of those wonderfully kitschy details. Eccentricities are in! Stiff, ceremonious occasions are on their way out. Whether you're recently engaged or are within 2 stressful months of the big day, we've got a package for you. Let Abby Lee Events help make your wedding day refreshingly fabulous and wonderfully, uniquely you.

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